About Us


Nicosia English Leader College is one of the largest providers of education in North Cyprus which  offers a wide range of courses to wide range of ages (6 and over), including English Language, vocational and  Academic  programmes and University preparation courses. We are specialise in at A level and  IGCSE preparation both in science and arts subjects.

Following the university ethos, we combine informality and an adult approach to education, at both A level and IGCSE, with a disciplined system where each student's work is carefully monitored. 

All courses, whether at A level, IGCSE or simply any subject are organised around a tutorial system in teaching groups of no more than 5 students. This enables tutors to engage directly with each individual.We aim to establish strong academic foundations, achieve outstanding examination results and engender a mature and independent attitude vital for taking advantage of life's opportunities.

No assumptions are made about a student's previous knowledge, and understanding is established in a step-by-step manner. The teaching style aims to be positive, encouraging and sympathetic to the challenges which students encounter. As a result of an outstanding curriculum and outstanding teaching the students make outstanding progress.