Over the course of 32 weeks students on the IELTS Preparation Course will have 480 hours of academic study, focussing on the academic  English language skills required to prepare them for IELTS examination. This includes 15 hours of academic study each week, which consists  of:

 10 hours of seminars and lectures following the structure of tuition typical in British universities 

 5  hours comprising of Tutorials, formal Tutorial Preparation and Academic Workshops

Students also benefit from different excursions to both Kyrenia and Famagusta during their stay which are dedicated to their Academic Programme.

Academic programme

Our IELTS Preparation Course offers students the opportunity to improve their academic English skills, with a focus on developing their fluency and accuracy across the four key areas of IELTS examination: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Students will also have the opportunity to develop and practise examination techniques and participate in workshops designed to improve their academic literacy. The Academic Programme is divided into 4 main areas of study:


Seminars (maximum 15 students): In our seminars, students are taught academic reading, writing, listening and presentation skills, as well as the study skills necessary for academic success. By the end of the course, students will be better able to apply these skills in a British, or English language, university setting.


Lectures (maximum 15 students): Each

week, students will take part in a series of lectures which will provide them with the opportunity to develop their study skills. 


Tutorials: Each week, students will receive individual guidance on their progress and receive academic feedback on work produced during the week from qualified and experienced tutors. 


Independet Study: In addition to formal classes, students are encouraged to embark on independent study and research. Weekly tasks will be set and marked to track progress. Such tasks equip students with the confidence and skills to become independent learners.


 By the end of the course students will have improved their academic literacy, gained a better understanding of the key skills  required for the IELTS examination and will feel more confident in making their application to enter English-language      university systems.


Please note that this course does not include the official IELTS examination. Students will need to register for the examination independently after the course.


All of our teachers are native English speakers, hold a bachelor’s degree and are qualified according to British Council standards. The maximum class size is 15 stude

nts. At the end of the course each student will receive an Academic Report and Certificate during our formal Graduation Ceremony.


Learning Objectives

Our IELTS Preparation Course will enable students to further develop and enhance their academic English skills across the four key language areas - writing, reading, speaking and listening - in order to prepare for IELTS examinations and university studies. Through continuous practise during seminars, lectures and one-to-one or small group tutorials, students will focus on developing specific areas such as:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of all areas of the IELTS examination and improving their test-taking abilities

  • Improving skills and awareness in academic writing with a focus on essay structure, style and the development of written arguments

  • Developing revising, editing and referencing skills

  • Reading and forming critical response to a variety of academic texts

  • Forming and presenting of clear and cogent arguments

  • Critical thinking and developing effective communication techniques


Course Requirements

The IELTS Preparation Course is aimed at students who are currently at an Elementary of English or above.  Our students are tested after their arrival.